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  • It’s Real
    It’s Real

    Identical to mined diamonds in physical, chemical and optical composition.

  • Consience

    Diamond with a clean and honest conscience.

  • Value for Money
    Value for Money

    Solitaires that don't break your bank account.

  • Sustainable

    Eco-friendly and conflict free.

  • Certified

    Certified by IGI, SGL and hallmarked.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Trend

Recycled Metals, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Designed in Australia and Hand-Crafted in the India, 

2021 will be a big year for the diamond industry and lab grown diamonds and jewellery will be going to be in driver seat

Millennials are the future of the diamond industry. As with every demographic before them, in order to survive, the industry must make some changes according to the issues of the day.

Many millennials regard climate change and eco-friendly practices as a top deciding factor in their purchases. If your company or brand has environmentally unfriendly practices or is simply towards the end of its mining life, it's imperative to consider making some eco-friendly changes.

Overall, lab-grown diamonds have not only increased in popularity, but they are also on the verge of changing the industry. As a less-expensive option that is on par with even the most expensive diamonds, lab-grown diamonds offer the eco-friendliness and affordability that most consumers are looking for.

Maiora Diamonds - Buy Lab Grown Diamond Online

Maiora diamonds derived from the Latin word Maiora crystallini. It means 'greater diamonds'. Greater does not mean just better in colour, quality, and size but more importantly, there is clear conscience in everything we do and make sure that our offering does not cause any irreversible impact on the social and ecological fabric of mother earth.

Today's customer is most aware and informed than ever. Their careful buying choices can help to reduce nature-human conflict. Maiora Diamonds is one of the first few real lab-grown jewelry start-ups to act and advocate for ethical diamond jewelry in India.

Lab Grown Diamond Earrings Online

In our online catalogue, the lab-grown diamond earring comes with different designs and motifs.  These very beautiful and unique designs of earrings to wear every day for fashionable women. You’re looking for a solitaire centre stone, find a perfect round engagement ring that takes your breath away from maiora diamonds. 

Lab grown Diamond Rings Online

There are available different designs, stunning patterns and eye-catchy styles for every event and every frame of mind. You can discover diamonds engagement rings in the latest design, unique patterns, and designs from our online store. 

Lab Grown Diamond Pendants Online

Maiora diamonds have the most stylish range of diamond pendants that will bring the right amount of sparkle to your outfits. We have a wide variety of designs of diamonds pendant in lightweight and elegant looks that you can wear on different or other casual occasions.

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